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Burke Center for Youth

Pathfinders Ranch is our residential treatment center in Driftwood, Texas. We serve boys who are currently unable to live in a family setting due to traumatic events in their lives. Often the negative experiences they have endured lead to their inability to manage their behaviors effectively. We provide a structured setting where the boys can participate in skill building programs, change negative behaviors and set their feet on a path to rebuilding their lives.

Our History
Forty years ago, Rosemary Burke had a dream. She met Charlie Campise and together they opened a residential treatment center on a ranch in Driftwood, Texas. Soon Rosemary’s dream grew and the Burke Center for Youth expanded to 4 locations in the Dripping Springs area serving 20 boys at the Ranch and 150 foster children.

Our Mission
To promote healing and inspire hope for children in crisis. For the children who have suffered abuse and neglect, we provide safe and loving environments so they may form healthy relationships and look
forward to a brighter future.

All children deserve a safe and supportive environment in which to flourish. Our vision is to rebuild lives and put those we serve on the path to stop the cycle of abuse.